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The Silly Pineapple Culb is an nft project that aims to help with giving back to the less fortunate. We will donate a portion of mint profit to a nonprofit charity organization selected by our community and a percentage of royalty from second-hand sales each month. We plan to reach out to organizations such as Action Against Hunger, Bread for the World Institute, Feed My Starving Children, and Food For The Hungry with the hopes of partnering with these organizations and more. Join our Discord for more info.

Back Story

It was the early 50th century when scientists tried to solve world hunger by doing multiple experiments on fruits and vegetables, Trying to mass-produce and duplicate them. Unfortunately, they only had success with one particular fruit, pineapple. Due to a chemical found in pineapple, this fruit could multiply and mass-produce in crazy numbers. However, there was an unforeseen problem; not only did the pineapple multiply, but they also gained awareness and became living breeding creatures. This was possible because of a mineral later known as Pine-Stone. Pine-Stone has a high level of radiation which is harmful to humans. Join our Discord to find out what happened to the human race!!!


We want to build a solid like-minded community; the Silly Pineapple Club (SPC) is a community-driven project. Each holder will have the right to vote on the project's direction. The SPC is a project to help those in need; however, our holders are just as important as those we will help. Each SPC holder will have multiple opportunities to make a profit from holding. There will be Utilities such as Staking with passive income, and each nft will be able to "evolve" using an item called Pine-Stone that will be airdrop to all holders. Join our Discord for more info on utilities.

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